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Vegas Vibe

Whether it’s a weekend all nighter or a fancy event, the vegas vibe has you covered. Forget the predictable glisten and shine, at Portabella, the vegas vibe gives you a classic edge with a touch of eclecticism through colorful prints and a pop of sparkle. while you remain the life of the party. Make a grand entrance and be the life of the party with the vegas vibe no matter where you are.


Blazer Of Glory

Until now, the idea of a floral or sequence blazer may have seemed too crazy to consider. But if you’re heading out for unique the out-of-the-box occasion, and the objective is to truly make a statement with your vivacious energy bursting from within, these colorful confections is irresistibly tactile for that pop of unexpected flair to your outfit.



All In the Shoes

Go all the way with the Vegas Vibe and complete the look from top to toe with our array of colorful Portabella Shoes!

At portabella, we are renown for the latest trend in footwear. From casual loafers to the staple dress shoes and of course that extra sartorial flair on the ball of your feet

We have a lot of fun with the current runway trends as we incorporate that into our seasonal collection so you will always be up to date with your wardrobe.


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44 Item(s)

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