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Tuxedo Vests

Portabella tuxedo vests are bright and vibrant pieces that are complementary to a solid black or navy tuxedo. Our tuxedo vests are made in an array of colors, allowing you to mix up your look and mix and match different vests with one of our tuxedos. Portabella tuxedo vests are made from custom manufacturers such as Pierre Cardin. Portabella tuxedo vests give you a colorful flare to partner with a traditional tuxedo look.


Portabella tuxedo vests come in sizes ranging from XS to 3XL. Our tuxedo vests are offered in a traditional cut that allows for mobility while being form fitting. Portabella tuxedo vests are an essential component to your tuxedo. Teal, red, yellow or a simple black vest allow you to express yourself and build the formal look you are imagining in your head while incorporating some fun color and spunk.


Our Tuxedo vests are priced the best in the market. Portabella tuxedo vests are sleek, shiny and crafted from durable material that makes it a complete steal at our affordable price pinned at under thirty dollars. Affordability and functional style are the main themes of our products at Portabella.

Tuxedo Vests Specifics

Portabella’s tuxedo vests are crafted to ensure comfort and portray a flashy style that is partnered with your tuxedo in all four seasons. Portabella tuxedo vests are the centerpieces the complete four piece tuxedo vest set made up of the vest, tie, bowtie and pocket square. At Portabella, we have so many options that it is impossible that you can come to one of stores and not leave satisfied. Come in and see our wide selection of custom tuxedo vests and formalwear to get for your next special event!