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The Entertainer

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Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to the Show



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Some people burn in the spotlight, others shine. Channel your inner star by bringing the razzle dazzle with you. With flair, class, and a touch of pizzazz; The Entertainer leaves an impression. This style requires a daring personality, a man who doesn’t shy away from the big moments. A man who becomes the party, not just a casual guest. A man who doesn’t host small gatherings, he hosts soirees.

Go big. Go flashy. Wear jackets designed with bright floral prints. Stunt in red sequin shoes. Outshine the competition with a bold style, courtesy of The Entertainer.





Occasions perfect for The Entertainer

Think of any event that calls for a little something special. Whether it be a performance or a dance or a party, The Entertainer comes prepared. Loud enough for a Vegas MC yet still fashionable for a night on the town, this style combines the nuances of a glamorous lifestyle. Combine slim fitting shirts with daring loafers to create a look that will have TMZ reporters follow you. It’s okay, who doesn’t like a little attention?










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Bring the star power

Walk into a room turning heads and dropping jaws with a look built to handle the spotlight. The Entertainer from Cherry Blossom Blazer to Snakeskin Loafers this disregards the norm. Besides normal means boring and a true entertainer is never boring.

Extravagant patterns with loud colors

To truly encapsulate what it means to be a performer we needed to add a little extra oomph. Forget the typical navy blue jacket, try a midnight black sequin blazer with shawl lapels on for size.

Become the life of the party

Nothing says “I’m here for a good time” like a bold outfit. Wear a talking point to gain the confidence to talk to anyone in the room. Or simply allow your personality to shine through the night. That’s what The Entertainer is all about. Making appearances and creating memories.

An unmistakable look

We wanted to create a style unique enough to stand apart from the crowd. Wear a bold floral blazer with a calm, neutral shirt for a performance ready outfit. Maybe even try a crisp t-shirt and some white pants to let the shoes take center stage. However you dress it, make it your own.







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