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This collection is for all the businessmen, entrepreneurs, industrialists, tycoons, barons, and dealmakers out there. Whether you’re at the top of the game or just getting started, you’ll impress in our Business, Man clothing collection. With a wide variety of styles, colors and fits you can find the suit and shoes that perfectly encapsulate who you are.


If you’re a down-to-earth type, you’ll enjoy our classic three-buttoned or two-buttoned suits. We carry versatile colors like grays, blues, and browns -- so you can easily match your suit to a variety of colors to compliment your look. Just be sure that your shirt color is a lighter shade than your suit. Pair your suit with brown or black oxfords and loafers, so you can step out of your house and into the office with confidence.


If you’re a unique, bold kind of guy we have suits for you too. Striking black, white, purple, and even green suits are in stock at Portabella. We carry one-buttoned suits, which are popular amongst the hipster crowd -- the ones who deviate from the norm and aren’t afraid to showcase new styles. You can put floral, sequined, or colorful loafers on your feet to complete your outfit. Don’t be afraid to take a fashion risk; if you wear it with confidence, it’ll pay off.


You don’t want to show up to a job, interview, or party with an outdated outfit on. Whether you’re looking to update your suit collection, or start it, you’ll be looking your best in our Business, Man collection. In this collection, we have something for everyone. And did we mention that we offer tailoring in our physical stores?