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Regular Fit Suits

Regular Fit Suits

Regular Fit Suits

Portabella’s regular fit suits are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. Solid colors allow for the addition of a colorful tie or pocket square. Regular fit suits are made from custom manufacturers such as Tazio and London Fog. Two or three button options, regular fit suits are versatile and easily worn in all four seasons. Side vents are incorporated for comfort. Portabella’s regular fit suits are great for weddings, business meetings and formal events.


Portabella regular fit suits come in sizes ranging from 34S to 62L. Our regular fit suits offer you a piece that isn’t as slim as the ultra slim fit or modern but still compliments the natural shapes and contours of the body. Stepping into a Portabella regular fit suit will have you up to date in the constantly evolving fashion world.


Our regular fit suits have the best prices in the industry, with one piece priced at $79.99. Whether you decide on a Portabella suit or a Tazio suit you can’t go wrong with our diverse selection at Portabella. Affordable prices enable you to buy a dress shirt or accessory to compliment the suit. Portabella’s regular fit suits offer a modern trend with classic touches from Portabella and other successful manufacturers.

Regular Fit Suit Specifics

Portabella’s regular fit suits are made from quality material, extending the life of the piece and allowing you to wear it many times without wear and tear. Regular fit suits are crafted from wool and other soft materials ensuring comfort and breathability. Portabella’s regular fit suits have 3 internal pockets, flex fit style and wrinkle resistant material. At Portabella, we have so many options that it is impossible that you can come to one of stores and not leave satisfied. Come in and see our wide selection of custom suits!