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Street Artist







Our inspiration for Street Style


The middle ground between the Matrix and early 90’s grunge, Street Style encompasses fashion inspirations across decades. Fashion is headed towards an age of ambiguity. Time periods, colors, social norms are all becoming afterthoughts, while sleek trench coats and bold patterns take the stage. Welcome to Portabella’s Street Style. Born during 3am Bushwick warehouse parties and honed on Williamsburg rooftops, our Street Style reflects the future of men's clothing. Designed to be casual enough for a chill night with good company, but stylish enough to impress the girls at the end of the bar - we created a look to handle the modern world.




A new age of men’s fashion

With fashion constantly changing, we curated a new look for you to keep up with the times, while still remaining true to your personal expression. Say hello to Street Style, the new age of men’s fashion. Encompassing everything from leather jackets to all white sneakers for a look attuned with modern style, we ensure each product provides you the optimal platform for your daily dose of self expression, allowing your wardrobe to represent your creative flair.




What is Portabella’s Street Style?

The future of men’s fashion

Fashion is a constantly evolving beast that can be hard to upkeep, but Street Style offers the balance between cutting edge styles and eccentric pieces for the brave of heart. Combine the outfits of the past, present, and future from Street Style and offer the world a uniquely new look.

Bold exciting patterns

From head to toe clothing represents your personal expression. Let yours be bold with head to toe patterns. Our Street Style line features everything from floral loafers to artistically bold jackets.

Street Style for everyday

Don’t replace your entire wardrobe, enhance it. The Street Style look brings out the best of your outfits for an everyday fashionable look. Wear this black trench coat over your favorite t-shirt and jeans to create a whole new style.

Same legendary Portabella affordability

Portabella prioritizes their customers above all else. That’s why we offer trendy clothes at affordable prices. Stay tasteful without breaking the bank.

Comfortably sleek

Who said fashion needs to be uncomfortable? The Street Style clothing combines eye catching design with a fit you won’t want to take off.

From your friend’s basement to the trendiest
of bars

Fashion has never been more relaxed. What started in the 90’s Seattle underground, found a new home in the modern world. This clothing works for a casual, relaxed night or a loud night that ends when the sun comes up.



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