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It’s time for a vacation

Our inspiration for Resort Flair originates from the beautiful tropical paradises across South America, the Caribbeans, and the Pacific Islands. We fell in love with the blissful, carefree flair and added a touch of our patented Portabella sophistication to create a style prepared to handle wherever the night takes you. So grab a cerveza because your vacation starts here.





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Beach ready, nightlife approved

What truly makes this style special is the versatility of the clothes. Wear a bright button down for drinks on the beach or throw on a white blazer and explore everything the night has to offer. Either way Resort Flair has you covered.

Revamp your wardrobe for paradise

Vacation calls for a more relaxed look. Experiment with lively designs, bright shades, and most importantly unbutton the shirt a little bit. Remember when in paradise, do whatever feels comfortable. Just look good while you do it.

A vaction is not your excuse to start dressing poorly

Vacation is a time to sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself. But don’t let your style fall off, upgrade your old vacation outfits. So salsa ‘til you drop and show off for the chica at the end of the bar.

Latin influence meets Portabella

To create this look, we were inspired by traditional styles from the Caribbeans and Latin America to find different patterns and colors that inspired us. We wanted to capture the culture with these bold looks.








The inspiration for Resort Flair

You know that old Hawaiian shirt you have in the back of the closet that your wife hates? We want to replace that with a stylish, modern option that can be worn more than once every few years. Our fashion experts studied classic prints from tropical paradises such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Miami to reimagine typical vacation wear. We took bright, exotic colors and toned them down for an easier to manage style. So grab a pair of sunglasses, a couple of Mai Tai’s, and make the most out of your next trip.




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