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Dress Shirts

Dress Shirts


Our dress shirts are perfect for today’s budding professional. These Marquis dress shirts are everything you could want from a dress shirt. Equipped with every color you could possibly need, we have the best button downs. These long sleeve dress shirts come in slim or regular fit and go well with most suits and sweaters.

Portabella prides itself in quality and our dress shirts are no different from that standard. The Marquis shirts come with reinforced buttons, making them more durable and keeping them looking great for much longer. The seams are reinforced with single needle tailoring, which also helps keep seams from popping when you’re in motion. These dress shirts are made with an Easy Care fabric, which makes laundry an easy task; just be sure to remember that these shirts should be machine washed with cold water. What’s best is that these shirts are comfortable to wear, and made with a cotton blend material, which is 55% cotton and 45% polyester. Adorned with a fused collar, a feature sure to keep your shirt looking crisp and clean, our shirts are versatile for business settings or for formal settings. Helping switch between the two is how our cuffs are convertible.

Think our shirts are great? Well, imagine getting a three-pack of our quality shirts. Easily a $75 value, these three packs come at an astonishingly low price of $55! This deal is a great bargain, especially for those who are building a wardrobe and need variety. Our dress shirts, available in white, caribbean blue, violet, charcoal, lilac and royal blue, will add a much needed splash of color to any ensemble. Choose according to the season! Need a spring theme? We got all the pastels you could name. You need a few wintry additions to your collection? We have cool toned colors like turquoise, royal blue or even blue steel to help you out. So, no matter what your shirt needs are, we’ve got you covered!