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American Rebel Leather


The 60’s defined the effortlessly, rugged man who takes his liquor neat and his nights long. Leather jackets, motorcycles, and an all around free spirit. What a time to be alive! Simple t-shirts and blue jeans were staples during this decade. This easy to pull-off style has made a resurgence in recent years, but with a modern twist. Modern button downs and nifty shoes upgrade this iconic look to keep up with the pace of the 21st Century. Grab some American Spirits and a bottle of Jack because the boys are back in town.



Effortlessly Cool

Nothing screams confidence like a plain black tee and jeans. The allure of American Rebel comes from the understated boldness of not needing any flair. Being comfortable enough to just dress so simply makes this style so cool. The American Rebel doesn’t care that he looks good, he just does.

A fresh, slick look

Not everyday needs a suit and tie. Sometimes all a man needs is a pair of jeans and a solid colored shirt. The American Rebel channels the iconic, no frills style that took the country by storm. The only rules: keep it simple, keep it fresh.






A Cost-friendly Style

Any look this simple button won’t hurt your wallet. To truly complete this style, just add classic leather jacket to your wardrobe and channel your inner James Dean. A clean outfit gives you room to splurge on great accessories to finish off the look with class.

Focus on the Details

The American Rebel doesn't need flashy colors and floral prints to stand out. His presence and confidence makes the statement for him. The details make this style personal. Anything from a simple cuff of the jeans to the sleeves rolled up or some dark glasses, the look might be simple but he fine points create an identity.





Making the American Rebel your own

Subtlety plays a huge role in the American Rebel look. Everything from a simple cuff to a pair of sunglasses adds a different nuance. Roll up your sleeves and skip the undershirt for an edgy but put together look. Pair a simple black tee with a leather jacket and a solid gold necklace for a rugged casual style. Become your own American Rebel by adding in your own personal touches to this look.

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